A Community Conversation – Black History Month and Beyond

Organizer: Alan; alan@rmcs.bc.ca; 604-279-7160
Category: Community Events, Education

What lessons can we learn to build community in Richmond?

This event showcase will involve conversations and structured dialogue to compare and contrast and draw lessons from the shared and divergent experiences of racism and exclusion and experiences faced by Black Canadians, Asian Canadians, AND indigenous Canadians. We will expressly hope to build partnership opportunities with our colleagues in the Musqueam Nation.

We are holding a Black History Month event and Community Conversation  – please start talking to your clients and community contacts about this.

Join us for an educational round table and celebration of Black and other BIPOC cultures to be held on Thursday, March 16, 2023. This event will a) celebrate Black history and experience and b) celebrate other BIPOC and also Indigenous cultures and contributions to Canadian, cultural, social, and political life. The round table will highlight the contributions of Black Canadians in Richmond by showcasing the work of key current and former community members- Black Canadians that do or have had a connection to Richmond BC and Metro Vancouver.

An event for BLACK other BIPOC and Indigenous community members to share culture and beliefs and experiences – an event where culture is showcased and cultural similarities and differences are shared – and then also an exploration of barriers, racism, and cultural acceptance/ integrations- what that means practically and historically for communities.

For registration or questions, please contact Alan at alan@rmcs.bc.ca.