Inclusive Communities Program

The Inclusive Communities Program (ICP) operates to help create a welcoming community for all. We focus on diversity and inclusion and have a team that is dedicated to assisting organizations and businesses create an inclusive city for newcomers to Canada.

Resilience BC Antiracism network, previously (OARH) Organizing against Hate and Racism, delivers coordinated services through a “Hub and Spoke” model to support communities in their efforts to fight racism and hate.

As the city of Richmond is one of the Resilience BC Antiracism network “spokes”, RMCS leads a coalition of stakeholders and community partners who follow the Richmond Community Protocol: Responding to racism and hate.

The protocol is a tool to guide the quick assessment and responsive action towards critical incidents of racism and hate-motivated incidents.

If you are targeted based on racism and discrimination please contact us to tell us about the incident and we will support you and link you with an appropriate service or organization if needed. We wish to hear your story and provide any supports you might need.

Please contact Alan Hill at 604 279-7160 or


Current Activities


Community Collaboration Table

Since it began in 2014 the ICP team is the acting Secretariat for Richmond's Local Immigration Partnership known as the Richmond Community Collaboration Table and has conducted community-wide research and consultations to understand the needs of newcomers to the city. For more information about the Community Collaboration Table, please visit the website


Diversity Training for Organizations, Businesses, and Youth

Richmond is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada. RMCS develops and offers comprehensive programs toward understanding multiculturalism and diversity. We provide educational workshops on Diversity Basics, Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution and Power & Privilege for businesses, organizations, and youth.  Highly interactive workshops are tailored to fit the needs of each audience and initiate conversations that will lead to changes! Email or phone  604-279-7160 to request a quote or for more information!


Consultations for Community Block Parties

If you are looking to host a community block party and want ideas on how to make it accessible and inviting to immigrants, contact us! We've been building community block parties since 2013 and have partnered with South Arm Community Association for the past 4 years to bring a welcoming atmosphere to this amazing event.


Annual Diversity Dialogue Conference

This event brings together over 100 community members, partners, organizational representatives, and newcomers to create discussion around the importance of a diverse community, what it takes to be a cohesive community, and how to best welcome people to the city. The 2019 Diversity Dialogue was held in conjunction with the City of Richmond's Diversity Symposium. Stay tuned for more details!

For more information on any of these services please email or call 604-279-7160.