Client Stories & Testimonials

We provide great service to the community. Below are a few testimonials (stories) from people who have used RMCS.


"I've been attending college for the past several months, majoring in Community Support Worker, this is a full-time course.  And I just want you to know how much I appreciate your kind and continuous support! I've learnt so much from the workshops that you shared with me, and that's vital for me to prepare for my career here in Canada. " - Vanessa


"Our encounter with RMCS was the most pivotal part of our journey in Canada as from there on the most difficult challenges of settling down, finding resources, and finding jobs was a walk in the park with the best advice we got from the entire team...I must say it has been a very satisfying and fulfilling journey so far. Please accept our story as a word of encouragement to keep doing such excellent work and helping so many newcomers and people that need your services. Thank you once again for keeping your spirits high and lifting ours along the way. We really appreciate it." - Sheena


"Dear RMCS:
2020 is the worst year in the world, and it has finally almost passed. This year, COVID19 made us worried, scared, and sad. In this case, RMCS, you led us here safely and happily. At the beginning of the year, I went to your office and filed a tax declaration with your help. Later, I couldn’t go to the office anymore. You sent Xiaowei to lead us in online activities. She organized different types of groups to teach basic English with enthusiasm and patience, to learn how to make myself safe and healthy from the pandemic, and explain the relevant government policies and legal knowledge of wills.” - One of our Mandarin Seniors Support Group Clients


"Thank you. You helped me a lot, you are so kind. Every time I talk to you I feel so warm." - One of our English Conversation Class Students


"Thanks to RMCS, now I am happy, confident, and have so many friends." - Alice


"I am very much thankful for the services provided by RMCS in getting me job-related to my professional career as a therapist. Specially thanks their Labour Market Counsellors for all the guidance, I would remain in touch With RMCS, Thanks." - Gurvir


"I have been offered a full-time position as a Financial Services Representative. I would like to thank you for all your guidance and support during the job search process. The tips really helped to redefine my resume and appear in the interview." -  Ashish


"Coming here to Canada, I did not have any dreams. I was full of frustrations because I had to leave the country that I grew up in. It is the place where my home, my childhood, my family, and my friends are. I thought of not being able to survive here in Canada due to homesickness. I missed my home. I couldn’t do anything because I am 6921 miles away from the Philippines. I struggled with a lot of things as an immigrant. There are two things that I struggled with the most, fitting in and making new friends. I struggled to fit in with the education system here in Canada. I attended a school in the Philippines where everyone was friends with each other and even their teachers; the school was like our second home. It was not anything like that here; I did not have any friends at first and I was not able to build a rapport with any of my teachers. It frustrated me; I started to give up on studying, which was my everything back in the Philippines. Thankfully, I had my family here. They were my strongest support system and the reason why I stood back up and went out of my comfort zone to be able to fit in with society. I befriended a lot of people and made a lot of friendships; it made me realize that all things take time. I found out about RMCS through my friend of 3 years, who was also an immigrant. Volunteering at RMCS gave me a lot of skills that opened new opportunities and challenges for me. It was my first time volunteering here in Canada; I am satisfied that I did it at RMCS. I volunteered at a front desk, where I would answer calls for people with inquiries about RMCS. It was a real challenge for me since I am an introverted person. I took the risk to get out of my comfort zone. I am glad I did because I met different people with different perspectives on life from all across the world. After volunteering at RMCS, I found myself being more confident and comfortable with talking to other people and start a conversation with them. Also when I was volunteering, I had the chance to join a Leadership Training. The leadership training did not only give me an insight into what a leader should be like but it gave me an idea of how real life can be challenging. RMCS did not only give me opportunities to    improve myself but they welcomed me and other volunteers whole-heartedly. "    - One of our Volunteers


"When I came to Richmond and looking for a volunteer opportunity with some valuable references for my future job, I knew it there's only one place and that is RMCS at Richmond Caring Place. At RMCS, I started volunteering as a front desk receptionist with hands-on training and within 2 months I received a call for my first job. It's like RMCS classified my resume in the job market! I can't thank RMCS team members enough for not only my volunteer experience but also for the confidence and job achievement!" - Zainab


"It is my great pleasure to volunteer with RMCS. You guys are very helpful in every way. I am coming from Surrey, it took me 2 and a half hours, it’s difficult but RMCS is the best place to volunteer. I found another place the same as yours to do volunteer but I don’t like it. I m learning a lot from you. Thanks for helping me to build my confidence, my experience, my office experience, for everything. I will continue to do volunteer until I get a job. You are helping me find a suitable job for me. Thanks a lot for your great help. I really appreciate your help." - Navneet