Client Stories & Testimonials

We provide great service to the community. Below are a few testimonials (stories) from people who have used RMCS.


"Yes, I have great news! Rogers sent an offer, and I accepted. I was waiting for the approval of the final documentation to share with you this fantastic result, but I think everything will be fine, and I’ll start working in April. I’m so grateful for your help in my preparation and all the support you’ve given me since we met. Your advice was always invaluable, and your willingness to share your experiences meant so much to me. This new job is not a personal achievement. Fortunately, I was lucky to find amazing people that helped me on this journey since I moved to Canada, and you, indeed, are one of them. Thank you. You will always have my appreciation." - Jose

"Frankly that I am unable to thank you for what you gave me and my daughters, and thank you very much for taking some pictures from them and giving them a box of chocolates as a gift. I have an idea to answer them to you one more time to take some pictures from them and put them in your ads if you have the desire to do. So with my great love and respect." - One of Our Clients

"Thank you for providing the word list of what we have learnt so far, it is very helpful to obtain practical vocabulary for use in real conversation situations. Even Though we memorise a lot of vocabulary, it is not easy to pick proper words in speaking sentences while we are having an interactive conversation. Therefore, I really appreciate the teaching as I could remember quickly and use specific words repeatedly. As a result, we can expand various vocabulary or idioms. Thanks again for giving us a new teaching method and efficient feedback for reviewing every lesson." - One of our English Conversation Class Students

“As a foreign engineer, I came to Canada to pursue my dream of having a successful international career. In my first days in British Columbia, I struggled a lot as a newcomer with my settlement and my research led me to the RMCS. People, there were really considerate and helpful. They supported me at first with my settlement by providing me targeted and accurate information and also by referring me to the right organizations which can fulfill my needs. With the RMCS counselors, I was able at first to find housing, do my paperwork, and get to know the social life and labor market in my province. People there also supported me with my professional life by helping me find my first job and building my network. At this stage, they are still providing me with guidance for my credential assessment and education. I'm grateful to the RMCS for being supportive since my first week and without them, life here would have been much harder.” - Mehdi

"In a community as diverse as ours, RMCS plays an increasingly important role. I appreciate the work you do to make Richmond more inclusive, and a place where everyone can feel a sense of belonging” - One of RMCS Donors

"As a youth immigrant, I experienced a big life change moving to a new country at a very formative period of my life. There were a lot of challenges in finding compatibility to new environment, culture, and people. I experienced a lack of network and support and was almost at the middle of nowhere. Moreover, there was a language barrier, had difficulty adjusting to the school setting especially high school with no friends and totally a different school environment I had back in my country. I was introduced to RMCS through a SWISS worker in my school and joined Leadership Program, a program which covered various topics and was very helpful to me. Due to this program, I not only learnt about Canadian culture but also made a lot of friends. Also, RMCS provided me a chance to volunteer, a wonderful opportunity for me to gain experience while showcasing my strengths in leadership, collaboration, and effective communication. RMCS mission also resonates with me, therefore I want to contribute my skills while volunteering. Apart from this, volunteering also helping me connecting with the community which in return I am helping new immigrants like myself thus improving my interpersonal and communication skills. Gradually, I am socializing more and not a shy person anymore. Thanks to the volunteer coordinator and settlement team of RMCS. Without you, it wasn’t possible to reach my goal and settled well in a new country, my new home Canada. I believe in continuous learning and growth in life and helping, guiding and making people succeed provides me the motivation to keep going!” - York

"As a new immigrant, I felt hesitant to interact with local people and make new friends due to the language barrier, but I was eager to learn English and lucky enough I came across RMCS’s English Conversation Classes. In this class, I met some amazing classmates. I made many new friends from different countries while practicing English in a pleasant and comfortable environment which is very helpful to live in this multicultural country. Especially, our pretty teacher Farah is extremely kind, patient, and supportive and at the same time, executive assistant Yoshimi is approachable and efficient.
This class has helped me to boost my confidence level in several ways, e.g. now, I can go out shopping and order food at restaurants by myself. I can also communicate with my neighbours in English as well as understand some English news. I started from beginner’s level and now I am in intermediate level and I am determined to improve every single day. In short, I would just say that I really like this class and I would highly recommend new immigrants like me to join these wonderful classes where we can learn and practice English together in a joyous atmosphere." - Eddy

“A few years ago, I immigrated from China to Canada. Due to the language barrier, I could only do some survival jobs to make my living. However, during a pandemic, I lost my income resources which I used to pay basic living expenses and rental. Unfortunately, I was not qualified for COVID-related benefits…To get help, I went here and there and made lots of phone calls. However, nothing happened. It ended up that I only had $600 in my savings account… I did not know how to survive for the rest of the month...
A friend of mine introduced me to RMCS. I called them and the staff listened to my situation. Considering the travel difficulties to Richmond for me who is not driving and living in North Vancouver, the staff managed to help me virtually and she helped me to apply for income assistance the same day. Surprisingly, I received my first payment of income assistance within one week!! I could not hold the tears of joy while seeing the lifesaving money! I have not gotten a chance to be in RMCS yet in person, but I wanted to thank you RMCS with my whole heart for being SO accessible, helpful, and supportive during a hard time!" - A thankful newcomer

"I am enjoying the beginner class. Farah is a good teacher. Push us to more speak English. It makes me less afraid to speak English. I look forward to communicating with you when I register next time.” - One of our English Conversation Class Students

"I've been attending college for the past several months, majoring in Community Support Worker, this is a full-time course.  And I just want you to know how much I appreciate your kind and continuous support! I've learned so much from the workshops that you shared with me, and that's vital for me to prepare for my career here in Canada. " - Vanessa

"Our encounter with RMCS was the most pivotal part of our journey in Canada as from there on the most difficult challenges of settling down, finding resources, and finding jobs was a walk in the park with the best advice we got from the entire team...I must say it has been a very satisfying and fulfilling journey so far. Please accept our story as a word of encouragement to keep doing such excellent work and helping so many newcomers and people that need your services. Thank you once again for keeping your spirits high and lifting ours along the way. We really appreciate it." - Sheena

"Dear RMCS:
2020 is the worst year in the world, and it has finally almost passed. This year, COVID19 made us worried, scared, and sad. In this case, RMCS, you led us here safely and happily. At the beginning of the year, I went to your office and filed a tax declaration with your help. Later, I couldn’t go to the office anymore. You sent Xiaowei to lead us in online activities. She organized different types of groups to teach basic English with enthusiasm and patience, to learn how to make myself safe and healthy from the pandemic, and explain the relevant government policies and legal knowledge of wills.” - One of our Mandarin Seniors Support Group Clients