Client Stories & Testimonials

We provide great service to the community. Below are a few testimonials (stories) from people who have used RMCS.

"My experience with Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) has been incredibly positive, especially during my difficult time facing challenges with language, job searching, and feelings of loneliness. I found a supportive, family-like community at RMCS, where the kindness and warmth of the people made me feel welcomed and valued. The cultural events organized by RMCS not only celebrated diversity but also helped me feel at home. The English classes, networking groups, and job search workshops provided essential support throughout my journey. Additionally, volunteering at RMCS felt great in terms of helping people and also equipped me with communication skills, expanded my network, and enhanced my confidence in pursuing employment opportunities. I am deeply grateful to RMCS for their unwavering support. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone experiencing similar challenges. RMCS is not just a community service; it is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of human connection." - Sima

"My name is Anna, and I am an international student from Ukraine. I first applied to the Settlement Services Program in 2023 as I seek employment. I received a comprehensive consultation and a wealth of new information essential for an immigrant's life, including job workshops, food discounts, and various events. Mrs. Irene assisted me not only with my initial questions but continues to support me by providing updated information about events, contests, and other opportunities. She guided me in creating a resume aligned with Canadian standards and advised me on some job positions. Thanks to her assistance, I was able to find my first job as a barista in Canada in a very short time. Thank you to such a professional team!" - Anna

"I arrived from Ukraine in September 2023 and accidentally came across the Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS). This is a very welcoming organization where everyone can find support in their own language. Thanks to RMCS, the process of integrating into Canadian society has become much easier and more enjoyable. Just two weeks after arriving, I started working as a volunteer. This is truly the fastest way to integrate.
In addition, they offered me various educational workshops, courses, and consultations covering important topics such as learning English, understanding Canadian culture, employment, and financial literacy. These programs not only provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills but also helped me gain confidence. My daughter took leadership courses and made new friends. In a way, RMCS has become a club for meeting and socializing.
The RMCS staff treat everyone with care and attention, making the adaptation process smoother and more comfortable. Often, it is the only place where an immigrant can come with their problem.
I am very grateful to them for all the help and support they have given me." - Natalia

"Being a volunteer for Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) has been one of the most meaningful and valuable experiences of my immigration journey. Like many of you, as newcomers, I faced numerous unpredictable challenges, such as language barriers, cultural differences, and limited problem-solving skills. Fortunately, I had the great opportunity to meet Maki and Yoshimi, who kindly and skillfully guided me to become a front desk receptionist. Thank you, Maki, and thank you, Yoshimi. Over the past year and a half, I have gradually overcome my English language barrier, cultural disorientation, and problem-solving difficulties. First of all, Communicating with all of the staff and new clients in English has significantly improved my language skills. Now, I no longer fear interacting with new people. I need to use English to analyze various clients' needs and help them solve problems. Therefore, I feel more confident in communicating with local people. Additionally, I have found a sense of belonging by attending Chinese festivals and understanding the local multicultural environment through participation in different events like today’s event. RMCS has helped me build connections with both my home country and the local community. I have learned and adapted to the new culture, which makes me feel at home here. Moreover, my volunteer experience has greatly enhanced my problem-solving skills. For example, I felt stressed and anxious when I received my citizenship test invitation, as I only had two weeks to prepare. I want to thank RMCS staff member Xiaowei, who provided professional advice and materials that helped me pass the test successfully. Also, I had no knowledge about tax clinics and used to pay an accountant to handle my tax returns. Under Thuy's guidance, I can now do my tax return myself, saving time, money, and energy. Thank you, Thuy. Today, I have overcome my language fears to make this speech and express my gratitude to all RMCS staff. I feel at home here, surrounded by so many kind members. Thank you, Parm, for being a creative leader and leading a strong and harmonious family to support countless newcomers.
RMCS is like a window of wisdom, broadening my horizon;
RMCS is like a light, bringing hope in the dark;
RMCS is like the sun, warming my heart;
RMCS is like a bridge, building connections with the world.
Thank you so much, RMCS." - Lucy, RMCS Volunteer

"We wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your exceptional help and support to Ukraininan newcomers to RMCS. Your dedication and compassion have truly made a significant difference in our lives. Your kind hearts and tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed. The warmth and hospitality you extend to those in need reflect the true spirit of community and humanity. Your commitment to providing assitance and guidance to Ukrainian newcomerw during this challenging time is commendable and deeply appreciated. Please accept our sincere thanks for all that you do. Your generosity and support have not only provided practical assistance but also offered a sense of belonging and hope to those who have recently arrived in our community. Irene, Thuy and Ashok, your contributions exemplify the best of what it means to be compassionate and caring individuals. We are grateful to have you as caring persons, who support newcomers and foster a welcoming environment for all." - Irina

"I'm really moved by the favors and help I've received from many places since I moved here. Especially, I think I'm very lucky to join the ECC of RMCS. I gained a lot of confidence in speaking English and was comforted emotionally. Watching Yoshimi, I thought I would like to do something to help Newcomer in the future, and I am always stimulated by Annie's passion and encouragement." - Soyul, ECC Student

"We often remember (ECC Teacher) and the classes you taught. Your kindness, patience, delicacy, and charm complemented the creative approach that you always brought to class. They were very useful for us in mastering the language and communicating in a multicultural environment. We continue our studies at the LINC school, which we recently learned about. Thank you very much again! We wish you health, always a bright mood, new creative achievements in work that is very necessary for people. " - Boris, former ECC Student

“I was hired today by Scotiabank and this was possible because of the job fair I attended earlier at RMCS, I made a connection and it is a success. Once again, I am grateful to you as you encouraged me to talk to all employers present at the hiring fair.” - Swati G, Past Hiring Fair Participant

"I am deeply grateful to the RMCS Team, for helping me find a place for Resettlement. As refugees, my wife, three children, and I arrived in Vancouver on May 27, 2023. Despite numerous attempts, we struggled to secure a rental until Thuy introduced me to a dedicated RMCS volunteer, on July 20, 2023. This volunteer, under Thuy's guidance, worked diligently to locate a wonderful and affordable residence for us. Through her efforts and persuasive skills, she convinced the landlord to welcome us as tenants. Since August 1, 2023, we have been happily settled in our new home. Ever since I connected with RMCS, I have been profoundly touched by the team's genuine compassion and unwavering support. Every member has gone above and beyond to provide my family and me with invaluable guidance and assistance throughout our resettlement journey. They have extended their help in various aspects, including securing a rental, refining my Canadian resume, aiding in job searching, navigating the Canadian education system, guiding us through transportation options, facilitating the LINC test registration, connecting us with community resources, and even offering Canadian culture and English classes, tours, and programs. The RMCS Team's kindness and steadfast dedication have not only made our resettlement process smoother but have also made it all the more engaging and fulfilling." - One of our clients

"I had a happy time for nearly two months in English Conversation Circle for the Permanent Resident program. I'm very happy to share my experience on your project. Two months ago, I worked at a warehouse as a delivery truck driver. For personal reasons, I suspended my work. At my work, I always feel it is difficult to communicate with my customers, and also make some mistakes. So that, I think, I will solve this problem. Fortunately, I found a message at the Richmond Center advertisement board about RMCS' activities. Following the message, I came to the RMCS building to make a reservation. On the second day, I became a student of RMCS. At RMCS class, I spent two very important months making big progress in learning English. Firstly, I'm glad to introduce my teacher, Nikhat, she is a bright and patient teacher. All of my classmates loved her. We come from different countries and are multicultural, but we are happy together under the teacher’s leadership. Secondly, when we started class, we were introduced to each other. Some of the learners always said: my English is not good. But, when Nikhat heard that, she always said: we can't say our English is no good, we should say, we are English learners. I think it is true, why do we come here? because we are English learners. Yes, she gave us the confidence to continue. Thirdly, the teacher gave us the rule to learn, the rule is: everybody should listen/speak/read/write in English for half an hour every day. I try to practice, but I always forget it. But, when I come to class, my teacher always repeats his rule to remind us. So I try it again, again. Until now, I have surprisingly and happily found that my English has made big progress. From now on, I would like to spend more time learning and becoming more active in the community. So, thanks to RMCS organization, thanks to the team of teachers, thanks to my teacher Nikhat." - Jie, One of ECC for PR Students

"The overall experience (with this program) is great because I have the opportunity to learn a lot of things from the mentor, including the local culture, interview techniques, and practical advice. My view is that the program is very successful in letting the mentee knows a lot of local culture, techniques, practices, and so on which cannot be revealed in any classroom training. What I liked the most about the practicality involved in the discussion during the meeting with the mentor. Since the mentor has been working in Canada for some time, he is experienced to provide a lot of practical advice and guidance which are very useful for me. I will rate (this program) at 10. My goal is to find a job. I think I am still searching and applying for jobs and hopefully that goal can be achieved very soon." - Bruce, The Mentorship program with EY Participant

"As a youth immigrant, I experienced a big life change moving to a new country at a very formative period of my life. There were a lot of challenges in finding compatibility to new environment, culture, and people. I experienced a lack of network and support and was almost at the middle of nowhere. Moreover, there was a language barrier, had difficulty adjusting to the school setting especially high school with no friends and totally a different school environment I had back in my country. I was introduced to RMCS through a SWISS worker in my school and joined Leadership Program, a program which covered various topics and was very helpful to me. Due to this program, I not only learnt about Canadian culture but also made a lot of friends. Also, RMCS provided me a chance to volunteer, a wonderful opportunity for me to gain experience while showcasing my strengths in leadership, collaboration, and effective communication. RMCS mission also resonates with me, therefore I want to contribute my skills while volunteering. Apart from this, volunteering also helping me connecting with the community which in return I am helping new immigrants like myself thus improving my interpersonal and communication skills. Gradually, I am socializing more and not a shy person anymore. Thanks to the volunteer coordinator and settlement team of RMCS. Without you, it wasn’t possible to reach my goal and settled well in a new country, my new home Canada. I believe in continuous learning and growth in life and helping, guiding and making people succeed provides me the motivation to keep going!” - York