LGBTQIA2S+ Program

LGBTQIA2S+ Program at RMCS is an IRCC-funded program for Permanent Residents and Refugees who identify themselves as a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

One-on-One Session Services:
- Assistance with government services application (Financial Assistance/PR Card Renewal/Apply for Canadian Citizenship)
- Assistance with Housing Application
- Employment Counselling/Mentoring
- Personal Crisis Counselling
- Family Counselling
- Mental Health/Lifestyle Assessment
- Official Language Study
- Other issues related to personal settlement needs

Group Session Services:
- Workshops (access to government services, employment, health, family, etc)
- Meet and Greet (You will meet other members in person or via ZOOM/ Guest speakers for employment mentoring or Health topics)
- Field Trip

"Coming Out at RMCS"
To Come Out to people you love and care about, sometimes can be very challenging. There is various baggage such as your considerations and concerns which makes coming out very difficult. And under certain cultural circumstances, coming out is even a risk that seems impossible to do so. If you trying to come out, however, you are uncertain and unsure whether coming out is an option or you are willing and ready to come out but do not know how. You are not ALONE! The LGBTQIA2S+ Program at RMCS is here to support and guide you.

All Services are Free

Services include:
- Information session on benefits of coming out
- Support resources for coming out
- Mental health assessment
- Peer Support
- Guidance for your coming out journey
- Group activity( workshop, reading club, support group, and many more fun activities)
Translation and Interpretation in a language other than English might be available upon request prior to the appointment.
All clients’ confidential information and data are protected.

All Services are FREE! We speak various languages including Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese and Punjabi!

For Booking an Appointment, Contact LGBTQIA2S+ Program Facilitator:
Contact: Martin Zhang
Tel: 604.279.7160