Award-winning theatre group loses funding

Via the Richmond News

“It’s a challenge as I don’t think settlement ends after three years. Settlement can be a long process based on their challenges. Making a community work and be inclusive is about helping people with longer term struggles,” said Grewal.

The program will now operate on a limited, voluntary basis.

Grewal also said one of the things that worked best for the program was the fact new immigrants could mingle with both longer-term immigrants and multi-generational Canadians and talk about their unique experiences.

“The program seemed to have a lot of impact and built leaders among peers in schools. That’s why we believe it’s a program that should continue,” she said.

The youth troupe consists of high school students in the city who take on leadership roles after receiving training from adult RMCS staff, such as Richmond in 3D’s director Mark Pawson, a professional actor and expert in non-violent communication skills.” – Read full article by clicking here

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