Fighting Racism in our Communities

Via: The Link Paper

The recent increase in the number of incidents of hate, racism and violence especially against people of Asian heritage is very disturbing. During the past year, such incidents have increased exponentially. This is a result of ignorance, prejudice and fear. Such criminal acts must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Here in Canada, racism was already on the rise before the pandemic. However, since the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the situation in this regard has gotten worse. People who engage in such despicable behaviour must be brought to justice. There is no place for such individuals in this country. As Canadians, we need to stand solidly with the victims of hate and racism. At the same time, we need to create more awareness about respecting and appreciating different cultures, languages, customs and traditions. In this context, Richmond Multicultural Services Society (RMCS) has started a very productive dialogue in the community.

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