We provide great service to the community. Below are a few testimonials (stories) from people who have used RMCS.


“When I came to Richmond and looking for a volunteer opportunity with some valuable references for my future job, I knew it there’s only one place and that is RMCS at Richmond Caring Place. At RMCS, I started volunteering as a front desk receptionist with hands-on training and within 2 months I received a call for my first job. Its like RMCS classified my resume in the job market! I can’t thank RMCS team members enough for not only my volunteer experience but also for the confidence and job achievement!– Zainab

“I have been offered a full-time position of Financial services representative. I would like to thank you for all your guidance and support during the job search process. The tips really helped to redefine my resume and appear in the interview.” –  Ashish

“It is my great pleasure to volunteer with RMCS. You guys are very helpful in every way. I am coming from Surrey, it took me 2 and a half hour, it’s difficult but RMCS is the best place to volunteer. I found another place same as yours to do volunteer but I don’t like. I m learning a lot from you. Thanks for helping me to build my confidence, my experience, my office experience, for everything.
I will continue to do volunteering until I get a job. You are helping me find a suitable job for me. Thanks a lot for your great help. I really appreciate your help. Navneet





“I am very much thankful to services provided by RMCS in getting me job related to my professional career as therapist. Specially thanks their Labour Market Counsellors for all the guidance, I would remain in touch With RMCS, Thanks.” – Gurvir


“We remember having tough time with our employer/client due to non-compete and non-solicitation, Glad that we found you in RMCS and got your appointment on your busy time in workshop. Your advice on legal things and what are all the consequences to be understand in this situation was really helpful. The advice what you provided really worked out. We really appreciate your time, patience and kindness in handling the situation and directed us in the right path– Yuvaraj and Hariprasad



“I’ve been in Canada just for three months, when I arrived, I quickly started to look for English classes, and that’s how I came at RMCS. And besides finding an amazing English Conversation group, they allow me to volunteer at the front desk and help at computer classes. It was the most significant opportunity that I have had here; everybody is very friendly and extremely helpful. I learned about the Canadian workplace culture and most importantly, I improve my English and feel much more confident now than at the beginning. I also Knew many people and increased my network. They do an excellent job helping newcomers, and I’m so thankful for everything they did for me. I’m sure my journey here started in a better way because of them (RMCS)!  Thank you so much! Leticia


“Thanks to RMCS, now I am happy, confident and have so many friends.” – Alice


“Our encounter with RMCS was the most pivotal part of our journey in Canada as from there on the most difficult challenges of settling down, finding resources and finding jobs was a walk in the park with the best advice we got from the entire team…I must say it has been a very satisfying and fulfilling journey so far. Please accept our story as a word of encouragement to keep doing such excellent work and helping so many newcomers and people that need your services. Thank you once again for keeping your spirits high and lifting ours along the way. We really appreciate it.” – Sheena