We provide great service to the community. Below are a few testimonials (stories) from people who have used RMCS.


I am delighted to write to you today to let you know that I have just accepted the position of Client Adviser in Royal Bank.
If it were not for your advice and support I know that I would not have accepted for, much less been offered and accepted, this position. When I had my first appointment with you 2 weeks ago I was worried about my Bank interview entirely, but the personality and interests assessment that you administered gave me confidence that helped me a lot to pass my interview successfully.

Thank you for all of the hard work that you did for me, from checking over my CV, giving me the interview questions and also practicing with me and helping me to prepare for my interviews. I am very happy that with this job offer I have become another successful statistic for your company and you individually. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others who are in need of career counselling. I can share my success story with your organization and thank you so much to give me opportunity to be part of your volunteer in amazing and friendly work environment. Thank you again” – Hamila


“It has been a pleasure to volunteer at RMCS for more than 2 years. The opportunity for working as a tax volunteer and also as an office receptionist really gives me valuable experience for job development. The RMCS supervisors have patiently given me constructive guidance that helps improve my skills for my profession. All of the RMCS staff members are so nice that they are treating me like a member in the RMCS family. I am very thankful to RMCS, and I love volunteering at this organization.” –  D. Yam


“I volunteered at RMCS as a tax clinic coordinator. During this time, I was able to prepare tax returns for a diverse client base, as well as oversee other volunteers that participated in the tax clinic. This experience helped me significantly improve my leadership and client interaction skills. I apply these skills on a daily basis in my current accounting position. Volunteering at RMCS was an invaluable experience for my professional development.” –Navi Grewal, BBA


“I came from china.I have been living in Canada for ten months. As a newcomer, I eager to know more about Canadian culture and community.
Fortunately I found RMCS which can provide help to newcomer.I really appreciate that. I attended a workshop named of “Richmond Olympic oval tour. ” As our guide, Mozhgan, is a kindly women, she told us some useful information on living in Canada. When we arrived at Olympic oval, the staff of Olympic Oval not only gave us a wonderful speech for the history of the
Richmond Olympic oval but also lead us visit the building. It was a amazing experience for me.I had a nice day to visit such great place and I can arrange time to take my family to here!” –Vivian


 “The volunteering experience in RMCS is valuable for it not only provide a chance for new immigrants to gain Canadian experience, get involved in the community, and have precious references, but also help them to relieve the landing anxiety, make new friends, and rebuild their confidence. Thanks so much for RMCS and all the stuff. They are professional, delicate, and compassionate. I feel very happy to be with RMCS.” – Grace Wang


“It was great time to work in RMCS. People are all friendly and nice. I’ve improved my English skills and gained confidence to communicate with people.
I appreciate to all of you in RMCS!”– Eimi Anazawa


“I am Thankful to RMCS and Amin for helping me find a good job within a short time. The job I got helped me to settle down and increased the amount of my income. Now I know from RMCS that knowing Canadian culture, involving in to the community, working hard for my life are the best way to be a good, proud Canadian.” -Milikan Berhane


“I was looking for a job one month ago but now thanks to Amin and RMCS I got a job that can help me raise money for school. Not only that but also RMCS help me understand that helping Canada, volunteering and going to school will give me a good life in my home Canada! I am really thankful to Amin and RMCS.” – Enbakom Habtemariam