Imagine completing a rigorous Permanent Residency application, and moving to a new country with your family (or alone) with hopes and dreams of providing a better life for them and yourself. With the ambition and optimism of moving to Canada, also comes uncertainty, fear of the unknown and loneliness. The learning curve of Canadian culture, norms, and practices can be tough. At RMCS, we help foster that hope and optimism into daily living hacks and do our best to alleviate the uncertainty. We give newcomers tools to be valuable community members and provide opportunities for networking and making meaningful connections and friendships.

We do this work with the help of our community partners, volunteers, funders, and people like you, who just want to help a newcomer adjust to their new home.

Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 in funds to help support our programs. RMCS helps newcomers overcome boundaries and learn skills that will help them lead productive lives as part of a community. We encourage you to make a monthly or one-time donation by filling out the form below or contact our volunteer coordinator to offer your time and expertise!

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